We help Russian speakers in Australia connect.
We do this through various social media channels and by promoting events & meet-ups for the Russian-speaking community in Australia. Join the conversation on topics of: immigration, education, jobs, politics, dating, social gatherings and many more.


Всё для русскоговорящих в Австралии.
Темы для обсуждения в социальных сетях перечисленных ниже: иммиграция, образование, работа, политика, встречи и многое другое.

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Want to meet other Russian-speakers in Australia? Here are some options.
Познакомится или просто общаться с нашими в Австралии можно везде — выбор за вами.

  Join the Facebook group↗ for an intriguing conversation. We regularly post news, updates and events on the Facebook page↗ and if you want buy, sell, rent or swap — join the Classifieds group↗.

  Russians in Australia group on Odnoklassniki.ru↗

  Updates get posted on the Twitter page↗

  Russian speaking professionals in Australia are on LinkedIn↗

  Photos shared by us on Instagram↗


  Russians in Australia group on Vkontakte.ru↗

  Start a conversation on Google+ group↗ or follow updates on the Google+ page↗

  Join and help the less fortunate through Kiva↗

Our aim is to grow the Russian Speaking Community everywhere and we are happy to partner up with both local and international parties with similar interests in mind. There are also groups for Russian speakers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

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Русский гид в Австралии.
Ваш гид в Мельбурне, Брисбене, Кернсе, Аделаиде, Голд Косте, Улуру и на Тасмании: лучшие экскурсии в Австралии на русском языке.


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Russian Speaking Community in Australia — Русскоговорящие в Австралии